Providing Equine Programs to Support Recovery

Equine therapy has a long history of proven positive impact on individuals suffering from stress related issues. It is not a new or trending ‘therapy’ but rather an established highly successful practice. It is a proven therapy that connects both the human and horse at a deep inner level where emotions are rooted. It has shown to help first responders get outside in their typical environment and then connect with the horses through touch, grooming, riding. . . just being present as horses have a keen sense, like dogs, when someone is not physically, mentally or emotionally at their best. The incorporation of various techniques which proven to recalibrate the stress filled individual allowing for the full benefits of therapy to take place.

Providing Art Programs to Support Recovery

Art therapy takes many forms but we support programs that are designed specifically for First Responders. Working with a trauma-informed expressive arts therapists who understands first-hand the unique experiences of our emergency personnel, is a helpful and powerful route to growth and healing.

Art therapy is a tool therapists use to help individuals interpret, express and resolve emotions and thoughts. The goal of the therapist through various art mediums and modalities is to help First Responders explore their emotions, understand conflicts or feelings that are often the root of their personal distress. Art can help them find resolution to those issues as well as build resilience going forward.

We support those providing art therapy and those who can benefit from this type of treatment. We know that art therapy sessions or programs can improve an individual’s physical, mental or emotional health and well-being and give the m hope for positive change in their lives. It is especially effective today for our First Responders with their stressful jobs.

We are committed to helping our first responders find hope and help.

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