First responders don’t quit when
their shifts are over.

They don’t quit when they’re
tired or hungry.

They don’t quit on people they’ve never met.

They don’t quit even when they believe
they may not survive the night.

Let’s not quit on them, either.

Our Mission

First Responder 911 Foundation’s mission is to raise funds through meaningful national campaigns that will benefit those who receive the financial support as well as those who donate.

Your donations will be used to address the Prevention and Treatment of mental and behavioral health issues in First Responders.

We believe in the importance of Prevention through education and training as a means to prevent job stress accumulation, develop resiliency to constant trauma exposure, in hopes of mitigating the need for future treatment.

Beyond Prevention, treatment is critical to help first responders find a healthy way back to their lives, family and profession. We are focused on equine therapy utilizing a variety of techniques. Of all the therapies available, we have found horses can have the greatest impact on those suffering from PTSD/PTSI with significantly measurable positive results. Equine therapy is one of the best therapies to include family and friends in the healing process which helps with the necessary ongoing support required to find health, once again.

We also believe in the use of prevailing technology to provide instantaneous national access to peer help or local resources. We are developing a strategic mobile application to be widely and freely distributed to our First Responders. It will be a direct connect to crisis/lifelines for those in need. Additionally, text will be included and finally, connecting to a frequently updated, national data base of people and entities to provide First Responders with help, just around the corner.

Use of Funds 1

Use of Funds — Prevention

Training and education is a proactive measure and preventive approach to address the behavioral and mental wellness of First Responders’. It is an effective means to preempt being overwhelmed from job related stress.

Use of Funds 2

Use of Funds — Treatment

When the emergencies of everyday life take a toll on First Responders, they will need comprehensive treatment, by a culturally competent team for behavioral and mental disorders. Collective and often haunting trauma requires professional treatment programs specific to First Responders.

Training and education is a proactive measure


First Responders need comprehensive treatment

Support Our Heroes: Help First Responders and Their Families

Every day, first responders risk their lives to keep our communities safe. But their heroic efforts can come at a cost, with one in three experiencing mental health challenges like PTSD. We can make a difference. Join us in supporting the First Responder 911 Foundation as we provide vital treatment and prevention programs for these brave individuals and their families. Watch our video and learn how you can help these heroes overcome their struggles and continue their life-saving work with renewed strength and resilience. Together, let’s support our heroes and create a brighter future for those who dedicate their lives to serving others.

We are committed to keeping our First Responders healthy and strong.

We appreciate your donation. It will be used to achieve our goal to affect positive change in the health and wellness of our emergency personnel and their families.

Our Supporters

First Responder 911 Foundation was just chosen to be featured in a TV series called ART ADVENTURES.
This new mobile ‘Immediate Response’ application is designed just for First Responders. It is their ‘911” direct connect when they need help. With the least number of clicks, First Responders are speaking with an individual to get them immediate help.