Governor’s Challenge

First Responder 911 Foundation Launches a Governor’s Challenge:
A Nationwide Initiative to benefit every American

The Campaign Will Address Issues for First Responders at State and Local Levels

Newport Beach, Calif. (February 27, 2023) – First Responder 911 Foundation, a non-profit organization with a mission to improve the lives of first responders and their families, is proud to announce the launch of a Governor’s Challenge, a unifying campaign that aims to support the health and wellness of America’s emergency personnel. The Foundation is calling on all governors to help raise $1 for every first responder in their state or territory. Funds raised will go toward first responder wellness programs addressing prevention and treatment.

There are an estimated five million people nationwide who serve as professional and volunteer firefighters, law enforcement personnel, corrections officers, emergency telecommunicators, and emergency medical workers. Currently, one in three of them suffer from job-related mental or behavioral health issues. These individuals who serve and sacrifice for us daily are the focus for the First Responder 911 Foundation. The overarching goal being collectively making a measurable difference in their lives.

“Every day first responders put their lives on the line to keep Americans safe,” says Bill Atalla, President of First Responder 911 Foundation. “It is extremely difficult to deal with the cumulative effects of so much tragedy. For a crisis line to be truly effective when a first responder calls, it is crucial to have an experienced and trained first responder on the other end of the line.”

In addition to these critical programs, the foundation is developing of a new mobile application, designed specifically for first responders. The “Immediate Response” app is a free and direct connect for first responders when they need help, allowing them to speak with a peer with just a few clicks on their phone. This unique application will be certified by ATT FirstNet and connect to the 988 National Lifeline.

“This unified effort will have the greatest chance of affecting positive change for the wellness of our responders and their families,” says Dr. Steven Heidorn, Chairman of the Board for First Responder 911 Foundation. “The collective Governors leadership and participation will have national impact.”

First Responder 911 Foundation is built from the strength of its Board of Directors and Advisors. The Foundation takes a collaborative approach among non-profit organizations to keep first responders healthy, strong, and responsive to face everyday emergencies. Learn more at

We are committed to helping our first responders find hope and help.

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