Logo Story

Logo's Story

The First Responder 911 Foundation logo is based on the powerful Planetary Gears that drive many engines and motors. The center gear, (called the sun), represents America’s population. The three outer gears, (called spurs or planets), represent the First Responders. They all interact as they circle the sun responding to the turns (emergency needs) of the population. One needs the other and vice versa.

As a foundation, we are geared up to be that central driving force on behalf of most Americans. Supported by a strong Board of Directors, Advisory Board and lengthy list of volunteers we can affect positive change as it relates to the health and wellness of our vital emergency personnel. We are dedicated to our cause and take our responsibilities seriously.

First responders are in every community across the country. With your generous contribution, we can keep them healthy, strong, and on the job.

We are committed to helping our first responders find hope and help.

We have a lot to do. Make a tax-deductible donation to support the First Responder 911 Foundation.