First Responder 911 Foundation puts powerful innovation into the hands of emergency responders.

This FREE, “IMMEDIATE RESPONSE” app was designed just for First Responders. It is their ‘911’ direct connect when they need help. With the least number of clicks, First Responders are speaking with a peer to get them immediate help for whatever is their concern

First Responder 911 Foundation is partnering with ATT FirstNet and the 988 national coalition to ensure that every call from our First Responders is answered by competent fellow responders. They are educated, trained and certified to be on the other end of you call for behavioral and mental health issues, 24/7/365. We are committed to the health and well-being of our police, fire, emergency medical staff and all emergency personnel that are here for us, every hour of every day.

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We are committed to helping our first responders find hope and help.

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