How we’re being proactive with First Responders

First Responders suffer from job related trauma. It’s a fact that one in three experience mental or behavioral health issues which may result in alcohol or drug abuse. It impacts them and their families. When it has reached these levels, treatment programs are the solution.

To change the statistic, we need to shift the focus to Prevention. That is the education and training of emergency personnel to give them resiliency tools to prevent or mitigate the stress build up that comes from seeing too much that can’t be unseen. So much of the stress from crisis response is cumulative. Without coping skills, these professionals will find themselves heading down a dark and unhealthy path.

FR911 Foundation supports this necessary training as the most effective way to help first responders remain healthy and on the job.

We also support the specialized training of First responders who will be at the other end of a call center, crisis line. This is the training of their peers who must be prepared to address the special circumstances of a first responder in crisis, getting them the immediate help they need.

This crisis hotline/lifeline education and training is also designed to be utilized by public safety individuals throughout fire, police and EMS departments nationwide. This will localize the ability to get help in their own community.

Both national and local certified education and training is required to ‘prevent’ the disabling effects of stress on our first responders.

We are committed to helping our first responders find hope and help.

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